6.23.14 UPDATE! --Promo Mini-Games for the new Dream Arcade exhibition are up on the Windows Store! Download three different mini adventures and get a taste of what's to come SEPTEMBER 12th!

(promo mini-games by Richie Pope, Sara Talmadge and Bianca Bautista!, with additional programming help and assets by David Washington, Chris Hajny and Lindsay Nohl)

Windows 8 versions can be downloaded HERE

Web versions are coming soon!

For more information about this show, click HERE to see the Dream Arcade Exhibition Page.

NEW! Download Great Personality: GUARDIANS! IT IS HERE!

We've created a series of Dating Sims featuring 32 characters inspired by Myers Briggs Personality Types! Come fall in love with the world & interact with charming, lovable, crushable characters! The first game : Guardians was released JANUARY 24th (Free to download!) in coordination with the Great Personality Exhibition. The games feature the work of nearly 50 creatives and we know you'll fall in love with the stories, the characters and the space! For more information, click HERE

UPDATE! 4.28.14 : We're busy putting the finishing touches on the Idealists (Game 2 of Great Personality) and will be releasing it as soon as possible! We'll make sure to keep you posted for the release date! 


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