Light Grey Art Lab
Wednesday - Saturday 12 PM to 7 PM / Sunday 12 PM to 5 PM
118 East 26th Street #101 Minneapolis, MN 55404
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Light Grey Art Lab is a gallery & art events space in Minneapolis, Minnesota that focuses on bringing all types of artists and designers together to exhibit, participate, learn and share experience. We believe that art culture should be accessible to everyone and that it should be easy for creatives to celebrate their practice.

All of us at Light Grey believe in helping foster a global creative community. Since we've got a lot of things going on, there are many ways to be involved! We host exhibitions, collaborative online projects, art events and local and traveling workshops of all types and are always looking to collaborate with other creatives.

Though we are an illustration-heavy gallery, we adore and support an interdisciplinary approach to 'making' -- in that we frequently look for alternative and interesting ways to engage the creative community. Whether it's through a printed project, an interactive element, or an online project, we promote the theory that all artists are multi-faceted, idea-centric individuals whose creativity goes well beyond the visible technical aspects of the piece into the experiential side of art-appreciation. Check out some of our past exhibitions to see what we mean.




Light Grey Art Lab
 was founded in March of 2012 by Lindsay Nohl. All of our events, exhibitions, publications and endeavors are curated and managed by our small Light Grey Art Lab Staff: Lindsay Nohl (Founder & Creative Director), Jenny Bookler (Gallery Manager), Chris Hajny (Producer & Public Relations), Francesca Buchko (Editor / Social Media), and Becca Olene (Online Shop).  Huge thanks to all of our amazing interns, volunteers and patrons, because of you we're able to keep making interesting and exciting things happen!

Lindsay Nohl is the founder and creative director at Light Grey Art Lab. Her contributions come on the front-end in the form of group exhibition concepts, big, interactive ideas and all of the "what-if"s of the Light Grey world. In addition, Lindsay's behind-the-scenes contributions include the concept, design and many of the additional assets for the printed and videogame projects, posters and marketing materials, as well as facilitation of our lectures, workshops and retreats. Lindsay is the creative director and owner of Paper Bicycle LLC, a product and surface design agency in Minneapolis. She has taught for 10+ years in illustration, product design and creative business classes at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Some of her past online projects have included the Paper Bicycle Daily Pattern project and

Jenny Bookler is Light Grey Art Lab's gallery manager. Jenny manages Light Grey's ever-evolving schedule of events including the facilitation and installation of our large group shows including (but certainly not limited to!) coordinating the influx of artwork, guest interviews, blog-post and online content, and many of the written aspects of what we do. Her behind-the-scenes contributions come in the writing and editing of many of our printed projects, workbooks, and management and facilitation of some of the most complex organizational aspects of what we do. She makes our craziness seem effortless! In addition to her contributions to Light Grey, Jenny is an accomplished curator, having participated in numerous exhibitions and projects as an artist and facilitator. She has also had the opportunity to guest speak and guest instruct and a wide variety of local and national events.

Chris Hajny is our audio-visual master. He manages the majority of our online and visible presence, and is the man behind the camera and the podcast. Chris contributes to the strategic elements of Light Grey's shows, including the game-play aspects of some of our projects and exhibitions as well as the innovative technical aspects of our web presence. Chris also manages our connection to the outside world through our public relations and press opportunities. In addition to his Light Grey presence, Chris is a designer at Paper Bicycle LLC, and a contributor to the Paper Bicycle Creative Daily Pattern project.

Francesca Buchko is a strategist and editor for many of the Light Grey projects. Her contributions include writing and editing of our printed projects, interviews, and content for our online gallery. As our resident scholar, Francesca contributes much of the research behind the themes of our shows, including our resource lists and artist out-reach. In addition to her Light Grey contributions, she is an accomplished illustrator and product designer as well as a past instructor for the College of Visual Arts in St Paul and a guest speaker at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Francesca is also a designer at Paper Bicycle LLC.

Becca Olene assists with many of the extra curricular activities at Light Grey Art Lab, including helping organize artwork and information for our exhibitions, creating additional assets, and managing shipping for the online shop. Becca is also a freelance illustrator and fine artist with a background in traditional painting and drawing, and has participated in several Light Grey exhibitions including Animystics, The Omnibus Treasury and Stacks.




Reach out to us at hello(at)lightgreyartlab(dot)com with any questions or just to say hi! We look forward to collaborating with you!