Great Personality
An exhibition about allure, ambiance and attitude. 
Opens January 24th

This show features the work of 50+ international artists that have come together to create an interactive world where you can experience the enticing nuances of the people, personalities and places that seduce us.
Stay tuned for more information on this exhibition and the release of the visual novel / dating sim series.

Get to know the diverse group of characters and spaces on an intimate level.


Artists Include: Kyle Cahill, Geneviéve FT, Lynn Wang, Jimmy Malone, Sandra Brandstaetter, Angela An, Nichole ter Horst, Francesca Buchko, Gloria Pizzilli, Meg Hunt, Amanda Lanzone, Alice Tse, Jen Mundy, German Shible, Stacey Lee, Matt Edwards, Alison George, Evyn Fong, Shanti Rittgers, Richie Pope, Anissa Espinosa, Celine Loup, Natalie Andrewson, Katherine Diemert, Mildred Louis, Xanthe Bouma, Noreen Rana,  Angi Pauly Llobert, Allison Strom, Alex Bahena, Wendi Chen, Claire Hummel, Charlotte Mao, Manuel Kilger, Evan Monterio, Caitlin Clarkson, Evan Palmer, Jenn Liv, Sarah Marino, Elise Hatheway, Kendra Phillips, Bill Ferenc, Claire Mojher, Leonard Peng, and Andrew Kolb

Concept and Game Design by Lindsay Nohl

If you'd like to join us for the opening, visit our FB invite for more info here.

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