In Place
wish you were here

From the imaginary continent of Mu to the Illuminated Caves in Japan, the basin of the Congo River to the tip of Antarctica, In Place is an exhibition and limited edition artist book celebrating the most mysterious and awe-inspiring, historical and epic places on Earth. These are the places that inspire us to travel, discover, and create. 

Curated and designed by Light Grey Art Lab, this collaborative artist book and project, features the work of nearly fifty concept artists, illustrators, and designers from all over the world. Each participating artist was driven to capture their visual sanctuary and destination of choice. This is a true celebration of diversity, artwork, and our lust for inspiring places.

Please take a look at the limited edition art book that has been created in coordination with this exhibition. This book is available on our shop for $25. 

In Place: Wish You Were Here

In Place takes you on a journey around the world through the visions of international illustrators, concept and visual development artists, and creatives. The book features large, gorgeous illustrations of each exotic location accompanied by stories, cultural and folkloric text. 

Forward Written by Lonnie Dupre, Arctic Explorer and Writer:


Huge thanks to Dylan Thomas from the Southwest Journal for the very generous multiple-page mention in the August 15- 28, 2013 issue. 

Huge thanks to Dylan Thomas from the Southwest Journal for the very generous multiple-page mention in the August 15- 28, 2013 issue. 

"Landscape Love" by Dylan Thomas, Southwest Journal

Weekend What's What, LeToile Magazine

"We heart Light Grey Art Lab. The spunky, artist-founded exhibition space near MCAD always comes up with THE most clever concepts for its shows and manages to creatively challenges its artists in the process. For this extensive exhibit, LGAL asked 50 concept artists from across the country to re-imagine a real-world location in their own way. And if we know artists, the possibilities are literally endless. Not to mention, many of the participating artists were sourced from such animation powerhouses as Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network–so the whimsey (and quality) level ought to be pretty high. In addition to the exhibit, a book has been created featuring all the work on view along with the location and concept behind each piece and a foreword by Arctic Explorer and author Lonnie Dupre.

BONUS: Also mark your calendar for August 30, when LGAL teams up with MCAD to host Disney Visual Development Artists Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying for an artist talk at the MCAD Auditorium, followed by an All Creatives Meet & Greet (co-hosted by SooVAC) at Glam Doll Donuts up the street. -LeToile Staff"


Take a look at our video walkthrough of the IN PLACE : Wish You Were Here Book.
Available for $25 on our shop here!