An Exhibition & Limited Edition Artist Card Deck

Exhibiting Artists

Kaitlin Reid, Andrew Kolb, Chris Visions, Phoenix Chan, Jonathan Vair Duncan, Nick Blazey, Erik Krenz, Karina Rehrbehn, Shanti Rittgers, Leonard Peng, Gillian Grossman, Sebastian Wittenberg, Emma Trithart, Graham Judd, German Shible, Nicole Chartrand, Jori Bolton, Jenna Kass, Lindsay Nohl, Nathan Nelson, Victor Maury, Sage Einarsen, Henry Christian-Slane, Stacey Lee, Wendi Chen, Zachary Montoya, Victoria Maderna, Ricardo Bessa, Allison Strom, Matt Wentworth, Jen Mundy, Christina EllisAshley Mackenzie, Alexei Vella, Colin Foran, Joshua Zentner, Jimmy Malone, Evan Palmer, Ciaran Duffy, Matt Rockefeller, Julie Curtis, Jason Rainey, Louise Bagnall, Joe Lillington, Francesca Buchko, Dan Matutina, John DeLucca, Rachel Suggs, Nicolas Delort, Maike Plenzke, Lisa Roeper, Richie Pope, Chris Hajny, Nichole ter Horst, Miko Maciaszek, Rodrigo Avîles, Cathryn Virginia, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Thomas Wellmann, Bart Tiongson, Primary Hughes, Stephen Wood, Manuel Kilger, Evan Monteiro, Stephanie Engel, Amanda Christensen, Michael Meier, Adam Hoppus, Hannah Christenson, Jonathan Hill, Olga Chicherova, Chris Brooks, Linda Tran, Tara Abbamondi, Nathan Stefan, Rory Phillips, Derrick Dent, Tom Kyster, Diego Gisbert Llorens, Jenn Liv, Claire Hummel, Marguerite Sauvage, Alexxander Dovelin, Jesse Riggle, Aleks Sennwald, Nicole Miles, Lauren Pettapiece, Mildred Louis, Justin Woo, Andrew Olson, Alison Donato, Sophie Blackhall-Cain, Adam Tan, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Nadine Redlich, Alexia Tryfon, Stefanie Kick, Andreas Schuster, Shane Richardson.

Filled with battle-axes, curing potions, mystical creatures, and ancient folklore, the Rolemodels exhibition features a fantastic and diverse collection of alter-egos and fantasy self portraits of 99 creatives from around the globe. Each of these artists have traded in their pencils and brushes for battle armor and wands, as an effort to embrace their inner swordsman, warrior, and healer. It is an exhibition that celebrates each artists as a creator, individual, and a modern-day art hero and role model. 

Curated and designed by Light Grey Art Lab, this collection of work comes together to form Rolemodels: The Battle For Vyk'Tornaahl, a limited edition, RPG card game. Each of these portraits grace the cover of a over-sized, full color card, which together, create a group of fascinating characters to be used as players in this fantasy and roleplaying game. On a quest for power, you are able to outwit your enemies, form your ranks, battle against your foes, define your allies, and go to battle in hopes to obtain influence and, ultimately, power over the fallen land of Vyk'Tornaahl. 

For more information about Rolemodels: Battle for Vyk'Tornaahl, please visit our gallery shop here. Decks are available for $25.00 and include all artworks, a 100-page guidebook with gameplay and character backgrounds, and a twenty-sided die. 



ROLEMODELS is on display at Light Grey Art Lab from October 18th- November 30th. 


Clerics are among the most holy and devout individuals on the battlefield. Clerics draw on their faith and use divine prayers to heal, bolster and shield their allies during battle, as well as calling down righteous power upon their enemies. Book-smarts and intelligence are the Clerics most valued weapons.


Paladins defend the realm and protect the weak. They are beholden to a higher power, and fight for what is right and just in the eyes of their creator. These gallant fighters favor broadswords and sturdy shields, and use divine power to shield their allies and smite their enemies. 


Mages are lifelong students of the arcane. Wise and dangerous, Mages devote their time learning to manipulate energy, specializing in unique schools of magic like Illusion, Evocation, and even the dark arts of Necromancy. These fearsome spell-casters can command a battlefield with devastating spells and untold power.


Rangers are attuned to nature and possess an innate ability to understand the lay of the land. They are fearless hunters that are most at home scouting the woods alone, surveying the area ahead of their party. When it comes to battle, Rangers use precision and distance to skewer an enemy with arrows long before they can
swing a blade.



Rogues use stealth, thievery, cunning, and trickery to gain the upper hand in battle. They keep to the shadows and rarely show true allegiance to anything other than their own motives. These deadly assassins use lethal daggers and poisons against their enemies. Rogues make a point to avoid a fair fight. 




Warriors are brutal combatants who live and die on the bloody battlefield. Warriors specialize in thick, heavy armor, and visceral hand-to-hand combat, using  melee moves to crush their foes. The thrill and glory gained from defeating a foe in battle is the ultimate reward for the fierce Warrior. 




"The Realm of Vyk' Tornaahl" by Lindsay Nohl  

"The Realm of Vyk' Tornaahl" by Lindsay Nohl


 The Four Kingdoms

The Realm of Vyk’ Tornaahl is in a state of flux. After a brutal civil war, the balance of power was lost. Old alliances have become meaningless, and from the rubble, new heroes emerge. Four kingdoms rise from the aftermath, and new leaders come forth to lead their kingdoms to power. 


Take a peek at the the printed part of the ROLEMODELS: The Battle for Vyk' Tornaahl Card Game here with a walkthrough of the book, the cards and the artwork that was involved.


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